I like it, and I’ll pay for it.

I could actually stop there, because that’s really all that matters to anyone – do you like it, and if so, would you be prepared to pay for it? Simple.

But I thought I’d put down a few thoughts on why I like it.

Because it integrates deeply into my existing music ecosystem. Ever since I bought my first iPod in 2004, I’ve had iTunes installed. Through one PC, two Macs, three iPods and four iPhones, it has always been there. Of necessity, of course, but I’m down with it. It is the source of most of my music library (ripped from CDs) and these days that reflects over the cloud directly to my iPhone where I do a lot of my listening. Apple Music integrates well in this space. Not seamlessly, but well.

Because it functions quite well. I’ve had over a dozen listening sessions with the service now, mostly on my iPhone but a few on my Mac. After a very short learning curve it’s making sense most of the time. When it doesn’t, it’s not a huge deal. Well, except the Connect part, but that’s not important to me.

Because it gets me. Really, it does. Lots of people are saying this. It’s the single biggest point in its favour for me. I skip very few songs that it plays for me in its suggested playlists. That’s more than I can say for my dalliance with Spotify earlier in the year. Through Apple Music, I’ve already discovered one new artist who it seems I like a lot, but who I’ve never really investigated before. Apple Music knows this and keeps playing them for me. Plus I’ve come across a few older tracks I love but didn’t have in my library. I do now, though. (There will be a podcast about that, soon.)

Because I can see its breadth. I know the Beatles aren’t on the service. Yet, at least. No biggie. I have all the Beatles music I’m ever likely to want, and last I checked they weren’t releasing new material. But anyone I’ve thought of I’ve been able to find. And that goes for many other people too. A colleague at work is into dark, heavy metal. I suggested he check out the service. “I doubt it’ll have much I listen to” he said. “Try me” I said. He gave up after five bands, all of which I was able to show multiple albums from. He was impressed because “streaming services don’t have that kind of music.” Apple Music does.

Because why not? The only question that enters my mind and gives me pause is “will I use it enough?” It rolled out on June 30th. It’s July 13th. As I said above, I’ve had over a dozen listening sessions already. That’s probably more music I’ve listened to in two weeks than the entire preceding 6 months. It doesn’t hurt that we finally got wifi at work and that none of my team work in the same building as me.

So yeah, I like it and I’ll pay for it.

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