A while ago I decided to buy into the OmniFocus task manager from the Omni Group. I even wrote and recorded a review for the NosillaCast shortly after I got started with it. I’m happy to say I’m still using it regularly, but until recently there was something missing. Capturing tasks was simple, but what about getting those things done?

I always felt when using the app that I was being effective and efficient but there were times when tasks sat in OmniFocus begging for attention and I just didn’t think to look. Having the icon sitting in my iPhone dock, complete with a badge indicating the number of tasks likely needing attention, didn’t seem to be doing the trick. Nor did having the widget on my iPhone’s “Today” view. I considered contacting Omni Group and suggesting a new feature to pop up some sort of daily alert with a summary of imminent tasks. And then I realised I already had a potential solution.

What is more “in your face” than your iPhone home screen? Your Apple Watch. Indeed the Watch reduces the number of times I look at my phone each day. While I’d had the Watch app installed, I hadn’t considered using the complication it provided. This proved to be the answer.

While I tend to change my Watch face around a little from time to time, I always make sure the complication provided by OmniFocus is present – usually top left. That little tick with a number next to it grabs my attention many times throughout the day and tapping on it takes me directly into the app where I can get more details.

The number of tasks I have “imminent” is usually small, so often just seeing the number is enough to remind me of the specific tasks I have due after I’ve made the first check in the morning. If I need to refresh my memory or even mark off a task that is completed, the experience of opening the app on the Watch is just as enjoyable as on the Mac or iOS devices.



OmniFocus is the only third party Watch app that I regularly use and I don’t think I’d want to be without it now.

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