Way back in 2013 I created an Alfred workflow that utilised Bart Busschots‘s XKPasswd password generator library. Since then I’ve been using it very frequently to quickly generate new passwords as required straight to my clipboard. It’s fast and it’s easy.

Recently, Bart has done a major rework of the library and released the new version as Crypt::HSXKPasswd. He put a lot of work into the usability of the library which made it very simple for me to create a new workflow for it.

To use this new workflow with Alfred 2, you’ll first need to install Crypt::HSXKPasswd as described by Bart in his blog post. Then download and install the workflow file below and you should be good to go.

Once everything is installed, invoke Alfred and start typing XK to see what keywords are available. Once again I have matched Bart’s presets from xkpasswd.net which are slightly updated from last time.


Click to download the workflow file.

Click to download the workflow file.


Banner image Creative Commons by Bobbi Klein.

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