Warm fuzzies

On the other side of the coin from my last post, something happened this week that gave me warm fuzzies about Apple.

After much searching online to try to find a solution to a development problem, I signed up, for the first time, to Apple’s developer forums and posted a question there.

After two days with no responses, I was about to write it off as a dead end until I got a response from an Apple employee.

“It sounds like you want date formatter to support the equivalent of NSNumberFormatterSpellOutStyle. I don’t think there’s a good way to do that right now, but it’d make a fine enhancement request.”

— Quinn

In two sentences, my new best buddy* Quinn achieved three things:

  • Confirmed I was on the right track
  • Explained I wasn’t missing anything.
  • Encouraged me to ask for a solution to be created by Apple

Actually, they achieved a fourth thing – I felt pretty good about that response. That’s great developer relations.

* My friend Allison Sheridan often refers to support staff as her “new best buddies,” especially if they’re helpful.

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