Today marks 10 years since I switched to the Mac and I thought, like that day, it deserved a blog post to mark the occasion.

A screen capture from the “Wayback Machine” at shows my blog post as it originally appeared in 2007 on the Sitting Duck blog.

I still think it is one of the best decisions I ever made to (mostly) abandon Windows. For all the complaints I have had over the years about the Mac, I still get a regular view into the Windows world and, as my friend Allison says, it’s like being prodded in the ribs every 5 minutes.

It’s a fascinating discussion to have with people who remain with Windows and say “it’s fine.” Very few people defending Windows have ever spent much time really immersing themselves in the Mac operating system, yet a large proportion (these days a majority I reckon) of Mac users came from years of Windows use like me, or at least have been exposed to Windows in an office environment. In my experience, Windows defenders never actually defend their choice of OS but rather attack my choice, often by explaining how “nasty” Apple is in its ways.

I had a fairly level-headed discussion recently where my ‘opponent’ was actually trying to defend Windows, but I kept pointing out to him that all of his positive points amounted to “it’s not as bad as it used to be.” I think that’s the nub of the issue. People just expect things to be difficult. That’s not to say things are always easy on the Mac, far from it. Yet I use Windows 7 five days a week at work and it is constantly bugging me in so many ways.

I’m not going to make this a long diatribe and try to convince anyone to switch. Truth be told, most who will read this will already be Mac users. No, I just wanted to mark the occasion and note that I’m still happy with the decision – 8 OS versions and 3 Macs later.

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