For a long time now, I’ve had an Alfred Workflow that I use every night when I leave my Mac (and often at other times, too). It prepares my Mac for staying on all night without disturbing anyone. I just added an extra feature today and it appears I’ve never shared the Workflow, so this post remedies that.

The Workflow does three things.

First up, it displays the current charge levels of all connected Bluetooth input devices using the Large Text capability of Alfred. This is the new feature I just added.

The feature came about because I can really only charge my Magic Mouse 2 when I’m not using the computer and because it takes hours to charge, the only practical time is overnight. But I always forget!

Now when I sleep my Mac I will get a big reminder if this or any of my other Bluetooth devices could do with grabbing the Lightning cable that I keep on my desk.

The Bluetooth devices are listed from least charged to most charged so you can always glance at the top line to see which device is most in need of charging, and the delay before the screensaver begins is configurable in the WorkFlow Configuration panel. It is set to 5 seconds initially.

Next*, it mutes the system volume control so any apps that decide to make a sound won’t disturb the household. This is one of the key reasons I often use the Workflow at other times. My volume spends most of its time muted, but if I happen to have been watching a video or listening to music, this will make sure that no random event causes a sound.

Finally*, it engages the screen saver to protect your screen and secure your Mac. Modern LCD screens do suffer from burn-in, plus, a well-chosen screen saver will limit the amount of light emanating from your screen which may also help, depending on where your Mac is located in the house.

You can download the Workflow using the icon below.


*Technically, those last two actions run in parallel.


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