New Apple Watch

I’ve had my new Series 5 Apple Watch for a little over 24 hours and I love it. The always-on face is not a huge boon while it continues to be long sleeve weather, but one feature has me giddy with excitement. Can we please all offer a loud “FINALLY!” for the hourly chime setting. Every digital watch I owned could do this and it’s a great way to keep track of time during the day.

New iPhone

I’ve had my iPhone 11 Pro for a week now and I love it. It’s taking me a bit of getting used to after my iPhone 8, especially the lack of a home button. The home gesture gives rise to some odd situations where swiping up from the bottom of the screen makes it scroll sideways, but I am enjoying the flourish of throwing an app away to return to the home screen.

Climate Change Reporting

I get that climate change is real. I get that we are going to be bombarded with it in the media — and so we should. But I do wish the media wouldn’t dispense with basic reasoning and statements of supporting facts. An item aired on NewsHub this week spoke of the disappearance of some islands in the Solomon Islands group. That much was clear, but there were murky details on whether this was down to simple sea level rise, erosion, or a mix of both. 

When seeking a link to the online story for this post, I found mention that it is indeed a mix of both phenomena, and a suggestion that in the last 25 years the sea level rise “in the area” has been at most 250mm. Grab a ruler and stand it on its end. It’s less than that. If we can understand how the Pacific Ocean, notwithstanding the tides, has different levels in different areas, we might begin to wonder about living on an island whose highest altitude is less than a quarter of a metre.

Oh, and the story I found… is over three years old.

Strikes, Protests, and Marches

I’m unclear on the terminology I should apply to today’s activities by (mostly) the young folk of New Zealand to protest inaction on climate change but I agree with them that action does need to be taken, even if we can’t agree what a strike is.

While they’re holding the oldies to the fire for failing to act and jeopardising the lives of the country’s youth, might we also implore those same youth to deal with another major issue quite likely wrought by we oldies.

Apparently, while it is unacceptable that our generation has put self ahead of the good of all, it is of no concern that common courtesy no longer has a place in public life. It’s not just the youth, but they are particularly good at it, I observed today. I’d ask that — to show they care about the good of all and not just self — they lead by example in courteously using public spaces. I mean… they wouldn’t dream of congregating in a large group in the middle of a busy footpath, or flail their arms with no regard for those around them, or shout loudly because they want to usurp a friend, or any of many other anti-social behaviours I see in the city every day.

Start small by creating a harmonious and friendly community and maybe, just maybe, everyone will agree on the larger issues.

That will do for this first edition of Echoes. The comments are open, but will be moderated for civility. Alternatively you can hit me up on Twitter, where I go by @zkarj.

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