It’s a time to give thanks to those whom I have appreciated recently.


When my current cheap sunglasses were getting difficult to see through due to the mirror coating wearing off, I decided to give up on cheap, less-than-$100 pairs and opt for something a little more robust.

I popped into Sunglass Hut and was treated very well. The salesperson was knowledgeable about the product and listened to my requirements. After I selected a pair of Ray-Bans, she concluded the sale by explaining their post-purchase support. A few days later I popped back in and explained they weren’t quite doing the job. Again, the salesperson (a different one) was attentive and got me sorted out with a new pair thanks to their 90 day refund or exchange policy.

I’m now happy with the pair I have and I am highly likely to use Sunglass Hut again in the future because of the top notch service. Thanks, Sunglass Hut.

Thanks also

I once again had occasion to visit our local base hospital on the weekend. The person requiring treatment is now well on the road to recovery, but it is the staff I want to call attention to. Every last one of the doctors and nurses (and other support staff) is FANTASTIC. Their great skills are one thing, but their compassion is without reproach. That they are underpaid and understaffed and still able to display this level of humanity is humbling.

I am particularly thankful to the off-duty nurse who happened upon us in a moment of… distress… in the hospital car park. What happened is not a story for these pages, but her calm and reassuring manner and swift action were highly appreciated.

I can’t help but elevate our doctors and nurses as the most respected people in our society, alongside first responders. Thanks.

Thanks, but

A couple of posts ago I explained how Apple Support gave me stellar service in troubleshooting my iCloud woes on my MacBook Pro. That was two weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing back, even to a follow-up email I sent two days ago.

I’ve since noticed that iCloud Photos are no longer synching either. I put the just-released Catalina update on yesterday in the vain hope it might help. It didn’t. So, err, thanks Apple, but…

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