After waiting three weeks for a response from Apple I decided to take things into my own hands. I wiped my MacBook Pro again and installed High Sierra. Imagine my surprise when the iCloud bug was still there with exactly the same behaviour.

So I bit the bullet and engaged Apple again by phone. I was once again treated well as we went through further troubleshooting and data collection and I am now informed I should hear back in 2 business days. Just before a Christmas. We’ll see.


It’s a thing. A thing I really can’t be all that enthusiastic about these days. I’m not going to turn down a 23 day break from work, especially given it only uses up 11 days of annual leave. And I’m not going to begrudge a little holiday traffic to get to Mum’s for lunch with the wider family. I even managed to buy a Christmas present for my wife this year that I don’t feel disappointment over.

But it is not a time of excitement. It’s a time, first and foremost, to relax. Because if next year is anything like this year has been… I’m going to need a head start.


Speaking of Christmas, it’s the best time of the year to observe what I’d like to call sub-globalism. Everyone knows the internet has no borders. Everyone knows, these days, that not all cultures celebrate Christmas.

But the one thing we can all share in is the joy of snuggling up by a fire watching the snow fall, right?

App Store story
App Store story

Four out of five apps features in the above story depict snow in their artwork. I see this kind of stuff all over the place. Heck, there’s a good chance of finding a Christmas card in a New Zealand shop that has snow depicted.

I notice stuff like this all the time. It doesn’t actually take much effort at all to make people like me feel included…

It’s really hard to think outside your own bubble if you don’t constantly acknowledge that the bubble exists. My bubble is bigger than those I am complaining about but it is still a bubble that I am constantly trying to see past the edges of.

Last post I included a header image for the first time on one of these posts. This time, I’ve included something that says “Christmas” to me — the “New Zealand Christmas Tree”.

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