Echoes for 1 November 2019

Sleep tracking I’d previously tried sleep tracking with my Apple Watch but it didn’t go well due to two things. First, the charging regimen required in order to wear my Series 2 watch all night was challenging. Over several days I would slowly lose the battle to keep my watch Read more…

Echoes for 4 October 2019

The Best Camera There’s a saying — the best camera is the one you have with you. I hate it. I’ve got a brand new iPhone 11 Pro which is receiving rave reviews because of its incredible camera. Except, it’s not incredible. Not without adding a qualifier. It’s incredible for Read more…

Echoes — A Beginning

Inspired by Scott Willsey’s WTF Weekly (which I regularly read and enjoy) I thought I might shake the cobwebs off this site (hey, at least I kept the back end patched) and try something similar. The idea behind Echoes is to put down short thoughts, most likely around tech but Read more…

Good night Mac – an Alfred 3 Workflow

For a long time now, I’ve had an Alfred Workflow that I use every night when I leave my Mac (and often at other times, too). It prepares my Mac for staying on all night without disturbing anyone. I just added an extra feature today and it appears I’ve never shared the Workflow, so this post remedies that.


TIFF scanning and compression

Over the last year or so, I have been slowly scanning my father’s large collection of photographs. He was a bit of a stickler for collecting his negatives in an orderly fashion so I am able to work my way through numbered folders of negatives, each of which generally contains the content of a single roll of film. This post covers my journey to find software and process that yield the best and most efficient results.