Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 33 – for May 2016

One thing I like about “Monday-ised” public holidays is it affords me a little more flexibility to take part in podcasts.

I was on the panel of Let’s Talk Apple 33, for May 2016, with Bart BusschotsGazmaz, and Chuck Joiner and although it looked like a bit of a slow news month, we managed to have some really interesting discussions about Apple in Asia, privacy versus convenience, and more. I think I managed a couple of rants in there, too.

NC #573 BitTorrent Sync, Enigmo, Making Fire, Remote File Access with myDrobo and DroboAccess, Beurer GS485 Digital Glass Scale

My last duty as guest host on podfeet.com for the week – the NosillaCast itself! 

I’ll tell you how I solved my OS X network drive problems. Then Dorothy, aka MacLurker, reviews the iOS game Enigmo. Next, inspired by Allison, I encourage you to play with fire. We hear from Drobo about their new myDrobo and DroboAccess services from the NAB conference. And finally, I review the Beurer GS485 digital scale.

Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 31 – for March 2016

It’s been a while since the time zone and shcedule gods have smiled on an appearance on Let’s Talk Apple. I was fortunate to be free to join Nick RileyAdam Christianson, and of course Bart Busschots for this episode where the main topics of conversation were looking back on the Apple versus FBI saga and a few ramblings on Apple’s most recent public event. Check it out over at the Let’s Talk website.

Let’s Talk Photography – Ep. 29 – Video

A fantastic and engaged panel of Bart BusschotsStefaan LesageAntonio RosarioMark Pouley, and myself dive into the world of videography. After discussing a panellist’s Emmy nomination (seriously!) everyone explains where they’re at with video and the discussion turns to what’s different from still photography, tips and tricks for what to do and what not to do and some discussion about types of equipment.